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Lightweight, easy to clean, 100% recyclable and virtually indestructible.

Aluminum and stainless steel are the perfect pallets for cleanroom, cold chain, closed loop production, & automated retrieval systems.

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Our mobile lifters & handlers make material handling in demanding environments easy.
We understand the challenges in precision weighing, hygienic handling & worker safety.

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Clean-Safe Warehousing

The Challenge

The proliferation of industry and trade regulations affecting the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, along with economic pressures, safety requirements, and product quality concerns in the management of production, storage and distribution systems, has required companies large and small to rethink and re-engineer their manufacturing and warehousing environments to meet these new demands.

In addition, the general drive towards improving logistical efficiency has placed a new emphasis on equipment reliability, process automation, real-time tracking, and the overall sustainability of those investments. When you consider the unique manufacturing and warehousing scenarios required for handling sensitive electronics, storing perishable foods, avoiding product contamination, and ensuring safety in Ex-zones and cleanrooms, it is clear that the selection and use of appropriate storage and handling equipment is of critical importance to business success.

Our Solution

SERVOLiFT’s CLEAN-SAFE™ Warehousing solutions perfectly complement the hygienic material handling needs of our food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, and cosmetics customers. However, the benefits of our CLEAN-SAFE™ product family extend to customers in electronics, logistical services, and government sectors, as well.

SERVOLiFT has carefully selected the world’s finest stainless steel and aluminum pallets, jacks, lifters, drums, forklifts and drum handlers that all meet or exceed the most stringent regulatory and safety requirements, even in demanding environments such as Ex-zones and cleanrooms. Each CLEAN-SAFE™ product is selected to deliver maximum value over the longest useful life. For example, every aluminum pallet comes with a standard 10 year warranty, can provide 15-20 years of rugged use, retains a very high residual value, and is fully recyclable. Below is more information on how our family of CLEAN-SAFE™ Warehousing products can help to improve your storage and handling business.


Aluminum Pallets

Pallet tubing has center supports for maximum durability.

Light as a Feather. Tough as Nails.

Easy to clean and sterilize, resistant to temperature, corrosion and the forces of static and magnetism, fireproof, lightweight, and virtually indestructible. What's not to like?

Plastic can't do that. Aluminum pallets are much stronger, weigh less, are fully sustainable and can be used for a very long time. They thrive in any extreme and are easily maintained. Aluminum pallets are ideal for cleanroom, cold chain, closed loop and automated retrieval systems. Plastic simply can't keep up.

Aluminum Pallet
ALUCLEAN® from LKE Schneider

I am Rubber. You are Glue.

ALUCLEAN® takes aluminum pallets to the extreme. The patented Schneider ALUCLEAN® process gives these aluminum pallets an unique surface-layer enhancement that smooths, reduces and compresses the surface structure dramatically, so liquids trickle away and foreign substances can not adhere. Extreme hygienic protection made easy.

Clean. Safe. Smart.

Pick a peck of perfect pallets.

The benefits of aluminum pallets go on and on. The forms and styles are many and varied too. The most popular is the flat pallet. These are available in a variety of decks and skids. Box pallets have sides that add safety and security to the items on the pallet. There are even specialty pallets for blister foil and packaging rolls. We can build custom size pallets to your exact specifications and every aluminum pallet type is also available in stainless steel. Use our Pallet Picker to help locate the best aluminum pallet for you.

Flat Aluminum Pallets

Image Model Style Skids Decking Capacity
1 816 Classic Light 5x Cross 2,200 lbs
2 816 Regular Light 4x Length 2,200 lbs
3 816 Full Deck Light 1x Deck 2,650 lbs
4 XtraPal Regular Medium 4x Length 1,760 lbs
5 512 Classic Heavyweight 6x Cross 3,300 lbs
6 512 Full Deck Heavyweight 1x Deck 3,300 lbs
7 512 Regular Heavyweight 4x Length 2,650 lbs
8 520 4-way Regular Corner Feet 4x Length 1,300 lbs
9 520 4-way Full Deck Corner Feet 1x Deck 2,200 lbs
10 Short Skids Regular Short 4x Length 1,550 lbs
11 Stacking with Pipes Regular Stacking Feet 4x Length 1,300 lbs

Aluminum Box Pallets

Image Model Gates Design Capacity
1 Standard Lift-Off Take Apart 2,200 lbs
2 Compact Fold-Down Fixed Welded 2,200 lbs
3 Safety Storage Lockable Fixed Welded 2,200 lbs

Special Aluminum Pallets

Image Model Options Capacity
1 Roll Media Horizontal/Vertical, Folding Holder 1,300 lbs
2 Single Drum Max. diameter 23", 4-way access 880 lbs

Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks

Meet the ROBUSTO 2300 Pallet Jack

King of Cleanrooms

  • 100% stainless steel, "through-welded" design
  • Rapid lifting saves you time and money
  • Gentle lowering is easy on users, floors & products
  • All stainless steel hydraulics
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy handling and maneuverability
  • Many options available

ROBUSTO 2300 options include a parking brake, polyurethane non-marking rollers, FDA-approved and low-temperature oils and EX-Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 compliance.

Herculean Hydraulics

The patented hydraulic system within the ROBUSTO 2300 Pallet Jack delivers a surprising amount of lifting power and includes a built-in impact protection system that helps protect the hydraulics to ensure long service life.

Clean. Safe. Smart.

Don't Know Jack? We Can Help.

Selecting the right stainless steel pallet jacks for your warehouse or production facility can be confusing. You can start exploring your options using our Jack Picker below. If you're looking for a weighing jack, please note that all ROBUSTO jacks have standard weighing range from 4 lbs. to 4,400 lbs.

Pallet Jacks

Image Name Maximum Lift Load Capacity
1 ROBUSTO 2300 4.25 inches 5,000 lbs
2 ROBUSTO Maxi-Lift 8.25 inches 4,400 lbs
3 ROBUSTO HHW 600 28.25 / 39.25 inches 1,300 lbs
4 ROBUSTO SH 1000 28.25 / 39.25 inches 2,200 lbs
5 ROBUSTO Electric Truck 4.50 inches 5,500 lbs

Weighing Jacks

Image Name Systec Terminal Ex-Zone Option
1 ROBUSTO Prima IT1000 No
2 ROBUSTO Comfort IT3000 Yes
3 ROBUSTO Ultra IT8000 Yes
4 ROBUSTO VL Touchscreen PC No
5 ROBUSTO SHW 1000 IT3000 Yes
6 ROBUSTO Electric Weigh Truck IT8000 No

ROBUSTO Lifters & Handlers

Introducing the ROBUSTO Family of Mobile Lifters and Drum Handlers

When it comes to clean, safe handling of hazardous substances, perishable food and sensitive products, SERVOLiFT can help you put the easy into grab, lift and go. The ROBUSTO line of lifting and handling equipment is the core of our CLEAN-SAFE™ warehousing solution and can offer you many smart ways to accelerate processes and reduce costs.

The Magic of ROBUSTO Lift and Tilt

  • 100% Stainless Steel Construction
  • Maintenance-Free Design
  • Advanced Electro-Hydraulics
  • Precision "Soft-Touch" Positioning
  • Ergonomic Controls

Endless Solution Combinations

When your needs move beyond basic fork-lift configurations, we definitely have you covered. We offer the custom drum grippers, extra long arms, booms, spindles, box holders, platforms, weighing devices, and electric tilting systems you might need to fulfill any process handling requirement.

Additional ROBUSTO Lifter Mounting Options

Pivoting Spindle for the ROBUSTO Reflex 125 V
Drum Gripper for ROBUSTO lifters
Drum Grippers
Platform for ROBUSTO Reflex lifters

"Pimp" Your Drum Handler

Lift, Tilt, Accessorize and Customize

  • Manual, Electric or Pneumatic Lifts
  • GBK Tilt or Edge Gripper
  • Electric Gripping & Tilting
  • Custom Drum Diameters
  • Integrated Weighing Systems
  • Models for EX-Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • and much more

All ROBUSTO Drum Handlers are made entirely of stainless steel with a maintenance-free design.

Many Handlers Make Light Work

Transforming your drum handling operations into a simple, efficient, worker-friendly process means having equipment that is as versatile and it is functional, and as ergonomic as it is precise. Our smart family of ROBUSTO Drum Handlers feature all the sizes, styles and options you need.

Clean. Safe. Smart.

Get a Handle On Your Lifter or
Find a Handler With the Right Lift

Use our Lift 'n Tilt Picker below to help you choose the ideal lifters and drum handling equipment for your CLEAN-SAFE™ warehouse.

Mobile Lifters

Image Name Maximum Lift Load Capacity
1 ROBUSTO Reflex 70 68.25 inches 150 lbs
2 ROBUSTO Reflex 125 V Spindle 59 inches 275 lbs
3 ROBUSTO Reflex 200 59 / 70.75 inches 440 lbs
4 ROBUSTO Newton 250 60.25 / 68.25 inches 550 lbs
5 ROBUSTO Trans-Lifter 98.25 inches 3300 lbs

Drum Handlers

Image Name Maximum Lift Load Capacity
1 ROBUSTO FL 70 53 inches 150 lbs
2 ROBUSTO FL 120 53 inches 265 lbs
3 ROBUSTO FL 120 Electric Drive 53 inches 265 lbs
4 ROBUSTO FL 350 28.25 / 39.25 inches 770 lbs
5 ROBUSTO FL 350 ST 28.25 / 39.25 inches 770 lbs