Dual purpose lifter bin lift

Two birds.
One stone.

Dual purpose lifter drum lift

Two birds.
One stone.

Special dual purpose lifters save you time & money.

Inside of SERVOLiFT controller
In process engineering, the most important thing is what's on the inside.
Advanced control panel interfaces
World-class control interfaces help make complex processes plain and simple.
SERVOLiFT factory floor
All SERVOLiFT branded systems are custom-built in our own factories.
Laboratory products
We have everything for the research lab, to help you cook up your next great product.
High containment and dosing
SERVOLiFT is the leader in custom-engineered high containment, dosing & weighing systems.
SERVOLiFT drum conveyor system

Our engineers help get your products from here to there, quickly and easily.

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Experts in Process, Handling & Design

About Us

Since 1976 SERVOLiFT has been the leading supplier of high quality, custom-engineered process and handling systems to companies in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetics industries throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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What We Do

Custom Engineered Solutions

SERVOLiFT specializes in designing customized, cGMP systems for process manufacturing companies. We offer complete, end-to-end project services - from project management to consulting and design - to help satisfy even the most difficult and demanding customer requirements.

With over 10,000 successful installations, SERVOLiFT has the vital experience and in-depth knowledge to guarantee your next big project is a shining success.

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Lifting & Handling

Since 1976 SERVOLiFT has engineered thousands of mobile and stationary lifting systems, solving a wide array of demanding process handling issues for manufacturing companies. Our history of consistently delivering proven cGMP systems has earned us a loyal following of world-class manufacturers that depend on our expertise and experience.

Ergonomics and containment are generally the driving force behind purchasing our mobile lifters - giving all employees the ability to work in areas otherwise designated as dangerous or physically strenuous. Our mobile devices can also increase productivity offering a quick return on the investment.

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Storage & Transfer

SERVOLiFT specializes in powder containment systems for all Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and High Quality Bio-pharmaceutical Products.

We provide methods and devices that cover all levels of containment - from a basic airtight transfer for excipients to very high containment for Potent & dangerous compounds (APIs).

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Dosing & Weighing

SERVOLiFT specializes in creative methods to dispense, dose and weigh-off powders, granules and tablets.

Our systems are unique for dispensing powders in hygienic manufacturing and each system is custom made to save our client’s time and increase good manufacturing practice.

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Blending & Mixing

SERVOLiFT specializes in powder blending systems for all Pharmaceutical, Food, Nutraceutical and High Quality Products.

Our machines are simply the best quality you can purchase, which is a must for hygienic mixing and blending processing. Each system is custom made exactly for your application - to date we have built thousands of systems, so we know how to build one just for you.

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Granulation & Coating

SERVOLiFT delivers systems for the mixing, granulating, drying and coating processes as laboratory, pilot and production scale equipment.

We offer expert technical consultation about the applications, followed by process development and plant engineering, to offer a custom made system that meets your requirements.

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Cleaning & Drying

SERVOLiFT stationary and mobile cleaning systems equipment shows a good manufacturing process correct design and safety standard based on the most strict rules of Germany and Europe for sanitary containers.

Our product line consists of simple drum cleaning racks, mobile cleaning station and complex chamber systems.

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Custom-engineered solutions for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and cosmetics industries.

Pharmaceutical Expertise

Over 30 years of focus on drug, biotech and nutraceutical manufacturing needs.

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Bin Blending = Big Savings

Lab, pilot and production sized bin blending systems for hygienic processing.

Compact Granulation Systems

Learn more about the smart, space-efficient production of tablet granules.

High Containment Simplified

Leading-edge high containment & powder transfer systems, only from SERVOLiFT.