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  • High Containment Valve with Docking Cylinders - Active/Automatic

    High Containment Valve with Docking Cylinders - Active/Automatic
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    • The proven and tested split valve technology from Andocksysteme makes this docking system unique and sophisticated in every detail. ASBV...
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    High Containment Sampling Valve

    The Andocksysteme ASAM sampling system is a unique method for obtaining powder or liquid samples under very high containment conditions.

    ASAM 1 - "Jar" sample unit for larger sample capture.

    The system works similar to their split valve technology - eg. active and passive valves, however, in lieu of a butterfly valve, the ASAM system uses an active ball-half with a cup machined into the ball-half. When the active valve is closed, it forms a near-flush surface into the process equipment. The sample is captured into a small container, typically glass with a protective steel cage. The container is attached to a passive valve.

    ASAM 2 - Thief sample unit for small sample capture.

    Similar to the design of the ASAM 1 unit except there is no "cup" in the active ball-half to gather powder, instead the active ball-half has a small hole in which a powder thief can be inserted. The hole is made into the "side" of the ball, thus when the active ball-half is closed the hole is hidden away. The thief is held in a plastic tube-bag, which is joined.

    High Containment Docking System High Containment Docking System (322 KB)

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    Vacuum Rotary Valve

    The vacuum rotary valve (model VR8V) offers a special "super hygienic" design for metering of your products. We offer both pocket-by-pocket control or simple on-off. Unlike traditional vacuum rotary valves, the Co.Ra valve weighs only a few pounds and assembles without tools!


    • Constant feeding of any process equipment requiring a vacuum seal,
    • Metering of powders into mixing tanks,
    • Any application that needs a rotary valve with positive shut off.

    Vacuum Rotary Valve Vacuum Rotary Valve (117 KB)

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    Lifters for High Containment Systems

    Servolift specializes in producing High Containment Handling Systems for all Pharmaceutical processes. From Initial API loading, through Milling, Sieving, Granulation and Compression, we have the proven solutions all ready worked out.

    Typical Applications (loading):

    • Isolators
    • Tablet Presses
    • Encapsulators
    • Roll Compactors
    • Sieves
    • Reactors/Compounding Tanks
    • Mills
    • High Shear Granulators
    Design Capabilities:
    • Lifting Capacity to 10,000 lbs
    • Lifting Heights to 60'
    • Overhang (reach) to 12'
    • Can be free standing, hung from the ceiling or attached to both ceiling and floor
    • Explosion proof for all classes and divisions
    • Cleanroom ready to Class 100
    • Full Washdown
    • Stainless Steel 304 or 316L
    • Any level of finish
    • Controls offered from simple pneumatic to fully automated PLC/HMI operation
    • 100% customizable for any possible application!
    • Optional Load Cells can be installed into the arm system
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    High Containment Valve with Docking Cylinders - Active/Automatic

    The proven and tested split valve technology from Andocksysteme makes this docking system unique and sophisticated in every detail. ASBV split butterfly valves consist of an active and passive valve that are supported on two sides by high-grade precision bearings.A passive valve can be mounted onto the inlet or outlet of any IBC. The active valve can be operated either manually or automatically, and easily integrated into the filling or discharging side of any process using a wide array of available equipment options. 

    During docking, the GMP-designed locking pins facilitate the centering of the active and passive valves onto each other with an accuracy of ± 14 mm. The two split valves open simultaneously after docking and during the filling or discharging process the product being transferred is fully contained. The ASBV docking system is made easier and more convenient by the flexible 180º positioning of the passive valve onto the active valve.

    The docking system can be mounted with a CIP dome having either a stationary or rotating CIP nozzle to bind the dust particles to prevent dust from escaping. In most cases, the parts to be cleaned (active valve with bellows) are removed from the process station using a suction pad without any need to disconnect the hoses and cables from the actuators or controls.

    With the need for ever-shorter downtimes, production can be resumed after only five minutes simply by installing another active valve, saving both time and money.

    PTFE Seals

    A high containment system is only as good as the seals that are used. Ultimately, the sealing materials determine the containment levels achieved.

    The PTFE seals used with our valves offer outstanding thermal and chemical resistance properties, while retaining stringent containment levels. This ensures that the valve is even capable of handling the expansion and contraction of the metal parts during the thermal sterilization (> 121ºC) that aseptic processes typically require.

    Innovative, new PTFE production techniques, combined with an encapsulated elastomer core, ensure that the finished seal will also meet the highest containment requirements in demanding process pressure and vacuum conditions.

    This new manufacturing process results in a seal with a smooth, polished surface, where powder retention is virtually eliminated.

    PFTE Seal Properties:

    • Chemical resistance
    • Broad temperature range (-250ºC to +260ºC)
    • FDA-approved material
    • Very low coefficient of friction
    • No absorption of water

    PTFE Seal Advantages:

    • Cost savings compared to traditional elastomer seals
    • Sterilization in place (SIP) of docked split-valves is possible
    • Suitable for high containment powders and liquids charging
    • Suitable for chemically aggressive powders and liquids
    • PTFE does not shed seal material into the product
    • Less than 1 μg/m3 containment levels are achievable

    High Containment Valves High Containment Valves (1896 KB)

    High Containment Valve Seals High Containment Valve Seals (2228 KB)

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