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  • Bin (IBC) - Square and Rectangular

    Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are made to specification in standard capacities ranging from 0.5-liters to 4000-liters in round, rectangular and square geometries. We also offer fully customized solutions for more demanding applications such as high containment systems. 

    The corners of our square IBCs, whether 5-liters or 3000-liters are always made with a 2” radius to allow for the easy cleaning, insuring that cross contamination is not caused by the IBC. Interior and exterior welds are ground smooth and flush to the sheeting surface. We certify the interior finish to a Ra 15 micro-inch standard, although we can supply finishing to any specification. 

    Our quality welding allows for a perfect appearance after grinding and polishing. We also offer a complete line of manways and ports. For pharmaceutical applications we generally use our lightweight stamped lid system which is not only easy to remove and clean, but also weighs very little. Clamping is made simple by a one-piece over-center clamping ring with safety-tamper lock. Manway rings come in several styles, including a super clean fully welded design fitted to the bin top. Manway lids are available in standard sizes with both sanitary and low-cost designs.

    Bin frames are made from totally enclosed tubing and offered with round vertical legs or square tubing and white recessed plastic feet so floors are not damaged during handling.

    600 49" 48" 48"
    800 54" 48" 48"
    1000 60" 48" 48"
    1200 66" 48" 48"
    1400 72" 48" 48"
    1600 78" 48" 48"
    1800 84" 48" 48"
    2000 90" 48" 48"
    2200 96" 48" 48"
    2400 101" 48" 48"
    2600 107" 48" 48"
    2800 90" 54" 54"
    3000 95" 54" 54"

    Bins (IBCs) Bins (IBCs) (1646 KB)

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  • Drum Handler - Mobile with Universal Clamping

    SERVOLiFT Universal Clamping Drum Handlers offer unique advantages over all other systems on the market such as: cleanest, smallest, and most powerful clamping design; automatic liner retention; telescopic platform and our famous Uni-Body Column Design.

    Typical Applications (loading):

    • Mixing Tanks
    • Weigh-off / dispensary drum emptying
    • Reactors/Compounding Tanks 
    • Design Capabilities:
    • Lifting Capacity to 2,000 lbs
    • Battery Power, Pneumatic or Plug in Electric
    • Manual push or Powered Drive
    • Lifting Heights to 216" (higher on request)
    • Overhang (reach) to 72"
    • Clamping of any drum type (fiber, plastic or steel)
    • Explosion proof for all classes and divisions
    • Full wash down
    • Stainless Steel 304 or 316L
    • Any level of finish
    • Load Cells can be installed into the arm system
    • 100% customizable for any possible application!

    Drum Lift Mobile with Universal Clamping Drum Lift Mobile with Universal Clamping (1078 KB)

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  • High Containment Valve with Docking Cylinders - Active/Automatic

    The proven and tested split valve technology from Andocksysteme makes this docking system unique and sophisticated in every detail. ASBV split butterfly valves consist of an active and passive valve that are supported on two sides by high-grade precision bearings.A passive valve can be mounted onto the inlet or outlet of any IBC. The active valve can be operated either manually or automatically, and easily integrated into the filling or discharging side of any process using a wide array of available equipment options. 

    During docking, the GMP-designed locking pins facilitate the centering of the active and passive valves onto each other with an accuracy of ± 14 mm. The two split valves open simultaneously after docking and during the filling or discharging process the product being transferred is fully contained. The ASBV docking system is made easier and more convenient by the flexible 180º positioning of the passive valve onto the active valve.

    The docking system can be mounted with a CIP dome having either a stationary or rotating CIP nozzle to bind the dust particles to prevent dust from escaping. In most cases, the parts to be cleaned (active valve with bellows) are removed from the process station using a suction pad without any need to disconnect the hoses and cables from the actuators or controls.

    With the need for ever-shorter downtimes, production can be resumed after only five minutes simply by installing another active valve, saving both time and money.

    PTFE Seals

    A high containment system is only as good as the seals that are used. Ultimately, the sealing materials determine the containment levels achieved.

    The PTFE seals used with our valves offer outstanding thermal and chemical resistance properties, while retaining stringent containment levels. This ensures that the valve is even capable of handling the expansion and contraction of the metal parts during the thermal sterilization (> 121ºC) that aseptic processes typically require.

    Innovative, new PTFE production techniques, combined with an encapsulated elastomer core, ensure that the finished seal will also meet the highest containment requirements in demanding process pressure and vacuum conditions.

    This new manufacturing process results in a seal with a smooth, polished surface, where powder retention is virtually eliminated.

    PFTE Seal Properties:

    • Chemical resistance
    • Broad temperature range (-250ºC to +260ºC)
    • FDA-approved material
    • Very low coefficient of friction
    • No absorption of water

    PTFE Seal Advantages:

    • Cost savings compared to traditional elastomer seals
    • Sterilization in place (SIP) of docked split-valves is possible
    • Suitable for high containment powders and liquids charging
    • Suitable for chemically aggressive powders and liquids
    • PTFE does not shed seal material into the product
    • Less than 1 μg/m3 containment levels are achievable

    High Containment Valves High Containment Valves (1896 KB)

    High Containment Valve Seals High Containment Valve Seals (2228 KB)

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  • High Shear Granulator PVAC 10 - 60

    The Diosna laboratory mixers P/VAC 10 - 60 are flexible laboratory/pilot scale high shear granulators and granulator vacuum dryers (one pot processor). The machines can be equipped with 10 & 60 liter high shear granulator bowls or 20 & 50 liter vacuum dryer bowls. Different bowls can be added at a later stage. Additionally, a machine initially designed as a high shear granulator can also be extended later to incorporate vacuum drying.

    The vacuum drying bowls are of cylindrical design and equipped with gas-stripping nozzles, the cover is operated pneumatically. One of the main rotor tips is extended to form a scraper to prevent deposits on the bowl wall, as with the production machines. Thus easy scale-up is assured. The “through-the-wall“ setup for a technical zone is included as standard for vacuum drying, as the vacuum pump and heating/cooling device are arranged for set up in a technical area.

    • Moveable compact machine with integrated control,
    • Mixing/Granulating: Interchangeable bowls 10 l, 25 l, 60 l,
    • Vacuum/Gas Stripping (drying): 20 l and 50 l,
    • Easy bowl changing,
    • The drives, outlet and shaft seals remain on the machine when changing the bowls,
    • Air purge shaft seals in WIP version (wash-in-place),
    • Outlet housing can be opened for cleaning and inspection,
    • PLC with operating terminal,
    • Current and power measurement for granulation end point power with different measuring ranges.

    High Shear Granulators High Shear Granulators (538 KB)

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  • Lifters for High Containment Systems

    Servolift specializes in producing High Containment Handling Systems for all Pharmaceutical processes. From Initial API loading, through Milling, Sieving, Granulation and Compression, we have the proven solutions all ready worked out.

    Typical Applications (loading):

    • Isolators
    • Tablet Presses
    • Encapsulators
    • Roll Compactors
    • Sieves
    • Reactors/Compounding Tanks
    • Mills
    • High Shear Granulators
    Design Capabilities:
    • Lifting Capacity to 10,000 lbs
    • Lifting Heights to 60'
    • Overhang (reach) to 12'
    • Can be free standing, hung from the ceiling or attached to both ceiling and floor
    • Explosion proof for all classes and divisions
    • Cleanroom ready to Class 100
    • Full Washdown
    • Stainless Steel 304 or 316L
    • Any level of finish
    • Controls offered from simple pneumatic to fully automated PLC/HMI operation
    • 100% customizable for any possible application!
    • Optional Load Cells can be installed into the arm system
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  • Stainless Pallet Jack - Battery Powered

    Stainless Steel Pallet Jack for Hygienic and Caustic environments. Walsted Trucks since 1948.  Walsted trucks are made to order to meet your demanding applications in hygienic or caustic environments.  Each truck is built for a lifetime of use and backed by Servolift’s 100% parts, shipping and labor guarantee.

    • Fork length and width per your application
    • 2500Kg / 5500 lbs capacity
    • All Stainless Steel Exterior including chains, cylinder & hose fittings
    • Wash-down design
    • Fork wheels, SS hub : Polyurethane
    • Drive wheels, Zinc painted hub : Vulkollan
    • Transistor controlled drive Up to 6 km/h
    • Electronic power steering
    • Hour meter

    Item Description
    Lifting Capacity  2500 Kg / 5500 Lbs
    Truck Weight w/o Battery 600 kg / 1323 Lbs
    Turning Radius w/o load 71.65"
    Parking Brake Electronic & Automatic
    Drive Brake Electronic
    Battery Size
    24V / 344 Ah
    Battery Weight
    262 Kg / 577 Lbs


    Walsted Stainless Forklifts Walsted Stainless Forklifts (2432 KB)

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  • Stainless Steel Lidded Drum (Dished Bottom)

    Stackable, dished-bottom, lidded drums include foot ring, cover, silicone gasket and clamping ring with or without swages. Surface options are mill finished/2B, grinded, or electro-polished.

    Durable and easy to use, our modular process drums offer an excellent method of powder handling at a reasonable cost. Offered in many different diameters, fully customizable. Available with smooth walls or ribs (swages). Capacities range from 1 liter upwards. Combine with Servolift's stainless steel funnels, dollies, dust-free transfer ports, discharge stations and lifting equipment for a total handling system.

    • Seamless, smooth Pharmaceutical and Food quality finishes
    • One-piece over-center clamping ring
    • "Easy Remove" FDA/USDA quality o-ring seal
    • Modular design for easy connection to our filling lids and funnels
    • Made for Servolift in-drum blending system to handle all your tumble blended products

    We offer surface finishing to your requirements, including in-house electro-polishing


    Lidded Drums Lidded Drums (1881 KB)


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