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Drum Handlers

  • Drum Nests

    SERVOLiFT drum nests offer a cost effective solution to handling and discharging drums. With a nest installed above every discharge point (such as a screener or tablet press), load the drum/funnel into the nest and remove the mobile lifter from the area to service another nest system...one lifter can do the work of 5 or more stationary lifters!

    Servolift hygienic drum nests are a logical solution when using a Servolift stationary post host is not economically feasible. Our drum nests come in all possible variations, such as a simple nest on top of a tablet press, to a manual or powered lifting unit with rotational base.

    We can provide our line of stainless drums and funnels or use your existing drums and funnels. Additionally we can provide a custom funnel for any drum your currently use.
    • Made-to-order height & overhang
    • Static post or swivel
    • Manual crank lift or power lift
    • Floor, wall or machine supported nest
    • Powered control of butterfly valve
    • Dual drum nests

    Drum Nests Drum Nests (746 KB)

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