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  • Agitator Vessels

    Whether for stationary integration or for mobile use, Bolz Intec produces stainless steel agitator vessels in all possible sizes and designs – and has done for decades.

    Bolz Intec plans and produces agitator vessels according to individual customer requirements specially for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries – application-specific, product-oriented and with maximum surface qualities.

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  • Batch Vessels

    Bolz Intec batch vessels offer the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries maximum protection for their paste, liquid or solid products. The GMP- and HACCP- compliant design of the vessels reflects the special quality of production required for all kinds of industrial applications.

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  • Pasteurizing Vessels

    Bolz Intec pasteurization vessels are available with volumes of 150 – 500 litres and are entirely produced in stainless steel. They are mostly used for pasteurising milk, but can also be used as a universal heating and cooling vessel and melting containers for pastes.

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  • Pressure Vessels

    For the Highest Requirements...Made to the highest Standards. 

    Profit from our expertise and many years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Materials, liquids, etc. are transported, as well as stored sterilely and safely, in Bolz Intec pressure vessels. Well- known pharmaceutical companies have trusted Bolz Intec pressure vessels for years. Each container is designed and constructed exactly according to your requirements. GMP-compliant and strictly according to the Pressure Vessel Directive.

    Pressure vessel for integration in pharmaceutical process plants are used for the production of suspensions, the storage and transfer of liquids and the storage and transfer of sterile media. Pressure vessels are available in standard and custom volumes. Pressure vessels can be integrated with magnetic mixer in bottom and can be heated using steam.


    Transport and storage and dispensing of liquid materials the highest aseptic / sanitary applications.


    Supplied to any range, from mill finish to specified Ra values with profilometer proofing. We can also recommend a finish based on your application. Additionally, our factory specializes in electro-polishing, which we do in house.

    Materials of Construction:

    316L Stainless Steel - welds continuous and ground smooth. Entire unit polished to a #4 luster, polish grain in uniform directions for a professional look. Optionally hastelloy can be provided.

    Seals/Gaskets in PTFE/EPDM/Silicone and per FDA CFR requirements.



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