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Frames for Flexible IBCs

  • Adjustable FIBC Trolley for Single-use Containment Systems

    The Frame Trolley allows for secure transportation and ergonomic docking of single-use ACUBE PRO FIBCs in high containment material handling operations.

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  • FIBC Bin Blending Frame for Single Use Containment Systems

    The ACUBE PRO Bin Blending Frame enables the ACUBE PRO single use, flexible containment system to perform its tumbling magic. This unique bin blending frame can be customized to fit your specific bin blender and aids in both handling and blending operations.

    The frame's stabilizing plates add rigidity to the ACUBE PRO system which ensures optimal blending performance and easy and complete emptying of units containing poor flowing products.

    ACUBE PRO Features:

    • All-in-one FIBC handling and blending system
    • Fully integrated high containment system
    • Flexible but robust multi-liner construction
    • Easy emptying of poor flowing products
    • Can be customized for existing bin blenders
    • Suited to pressure and vacuum applications

    Benefits of Single-Use, Flexible Containment Systems:

    • Eliminate cleaning (time, cost, energy, downtime, complexity)
    • Eliminate cross-contamination risks
    • Improve operator safety handling potent ingredients
    • Improve process and manufacturing flexibility
    • Improve lead times, as well as start-up, turn-around and change-over times
    • Ready to use right out of the box (even pre-sterilized)
    • Easily integrated into existing stainless steel systems
    • Reduced need for capital expenditure
    • Reduced warehouse footprint
    • Reduced environmental impact

    Single Use Flexible Containment Systems Single Use Flexible Containment Systems (2451 KB)

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  • FIBC Support Frame for Single-use Containment Systems

    FIBC Support Frames are used to support and fasten single-use ACUBE PRO FIBCs to flexible connection systems in high containment material handling operations.

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