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Stationary Drum Handlers

  • Drum Lifter - Stationary

    Drum Lifter - Stationary
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    • Servolift Drum Lifters with Manual Clamping are a simple solution for handling our stainless steel drums or any other type...
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    Drum Wagon

    Servolift offers a standard Wagon Type Drum Dolly, as well as any custom dolly for any drum.


    Totally enclosed tubing push handle for ergonomic loading and moving.  Flat table with safety slide-off lip at front. Offered for all capacities of drums. The unit features solid stainless steel construction with a #220 grit finish (GMP).  Two fixed front wheels and two swivel, locking rear castors. Wheels feature non-marking materials, sealed bearings and stainless steel housings.

    Drum Wagon Drum Wagon (231 KB)

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    Drum Dolly

    Servolift offers a standard Pan Type Drum Dolly, as well as any custom dolly for any drum.


    Pressed pan unit, designed to be an “integral” part of the drum. Ideal for processes that need maximum maneuverability.  The units feature a solid stainless steel design with a #220 grit finish (GMP) and center water-drain hole, five (5) swivel castors, two with break unit. Wheels feature non-marking materials, sealed bearings and stainless steel housings.

    Drum Equipment Drum Equipment (693 KB)

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    Stainless Steel Lidded Drum (Dished Bottom)

    Stackable, dished-bottom, lidded drums include foot ring, cover, silicone gasket and clamping ring with or without swages. Surface options are mill finished/2B, grinded, or electro-polished.

    Durable and easy to use, our modular process drums offer an excellent method of powder handling at a reasonable cost. Offered in many different diameters, fully customizable. Available with smooth walls or ribs (swages). Capacities range from 1 liter upwards. Combine with Servolift's stainless steel funnels, dollies, dust-free transfer ports, discharge stations and lifting equipment for a total handling system.

    • Seamless, smooth Pharmaceutical and Food quality finishes
    • One-piece over-center clamping ring
    • "Easy Remove" FDA/USDA quality o-ring seal
    • Modular design for easy connection to our filling lids and funnels
    • Made for Servolift in-drum blending system to handle all your tumble blended products

    We offer surface finishing to your requirements, including in-house electro-polishing


    Lidded Drums Lidded Drums (1881 KB)


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    Flow Aids

    Bolz, Servolift and CORA offer a wide arrangement of flow aids to keep difficult powders moving in your hoppers.


    We offer special designs for all hopper types in both impact and vibrating type mechanisms. We focus on easy to clean solutions (GMP) with robust mounts for long term use.

    • Drum Funnel Vibrators
    • Bin (IBC) vibrators
    • Hopper vibrators

    Vibrators can not only aid flow but are often used to help clean out the funnel/hopper after full discharging of the powder. In general terms, a vibrator should not be used full time during discharging of powders if particle segregation is a concern.

    Bridge Breakers:

    We offer both manual and powered bridge breakers, these are generally used for drum funnels or on our Universal Drum Clamping Lifters in Mobile or Stationary design. In all cases the system will disassemble without tools and not leak powder.

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    Butterfly Sole Valve

    Nearly 30 years ago Mr. Salvatore Lardieri, the owner of Co.Ra had a simple yet brilliant idea: A design for a very lightweight, ultra-clean butterfly valve that could be taken apart without tools. Before this moment all valves were heavy bolt together assemblies that could not be easily cleaned and inspected. Since this time Co.Ra has become the worldwide leader and innovator in sanitary valve designs and powder transfer technology.

    The butterfly sole valve has some key features that make it the valve of choice for the pharmaceutical and other clean industries:

    • Free floating disk design, no metal to metal contact,
    • Patented support system, wobble-free and robust,
    • 7 different body styles with over 30 standard actuation possibilities,
    • 316L, Hastellloy or FDA Delrin construction,
    • Certified high mirror finish, 0.02 µm,
    • Cleanroom produced, platinum cured silicon seals. Viton, EPDM and PTFE also standard.

    Butterfly Sole Valve Butterfly Sole Valve (1123 KB)

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    Drum Lifter - Stationary

    Servolift Drum Lifters with Manual Clamping are a simple solution for handling our stainless steel drums or any other type of drum you have.  Clamping is from our solid stainless steel 360° clamp with dual safety lockings.  The system is also well suited to high accuracy handling when using Split Butterfly Valves.

    Typical Applications (loading):

    • Tablet Presses
    • Encapsulators
    • Mixing tanks
    • Reactors/Compounding Tanks
    • Mills
    • High Shear Granulators
    • Design Capabilities:
    • Lifting Capacity to 1,500 lbs
    • Lifting Heights to 60'
    • Overhang (reach) to 12'
    • Can be free standing, hung from the ceiling or attached to both ceiling and floor
    • Explosion proof for all classes and divisions
    • Cleanroom ready to Class 100
    • Full Washdown
    • Stainless Steel 304 or 316L
    • Any level of finish
    • Controls offered from simple pneumatic to fully automated PLC/HMI operation
    • 100% customizable for any possible application!
    • Optional Load Cells can be installed into the arm system

    Drum Lifter Manual Clamp Drum Lifter Manual Clamp (468 KB)

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