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Drum Equipment

  • Drum Dolly

    Servolift offers a standard Pan Type Drum Dolly, as well as any custom dolly for any drum.


    Pressed pan unit, designed to be an “integral” part of the drum. Ideal for processes that need maximum maneuverability.  The units feature a solid stainless steel design with a #220 grit finish (GMP) and center water-drain hole, five (5) swivel castors, two with break unit. Wheels feature non-marking materials, sealed bearings and stainless steel housings.

    Drum Equipment Drum Equipment (693 KB)

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  • Drum Funnels and Hoppers

    Bolz produces both standard and custom funnels for their stainless steel drums or your existing plastic, fiber or steel drums.

    Bolz funnels feature seamless design with either 60° or 90° angles as standard or any other angle as your process requires.

    All funnels are available in 316L stainless steel (304 for our food customers) and feature our “easy-remove” O-Ring design in the connection to the drum.The O-ring comes standard in silicone to FDA CFR 177.2600.

    Finishing is supplied to any range, from mill finish to specified Ra values with profilometer proofing. We can also recommend a finish based on your application. Additionally, our factory specializes in electro-polishing, which they do in house.

    Funnels and Drums, combined with our handling systems, drum blenders, valves and dust free docking systems offers a complete and affordable drum handing system.

    Drum Funnels Drum Funnels (728 KB)

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  • Drum Wagon

    Servolift offers a standard Wagon Type Drum Dolly, as well as any custom dolly for any drum.


    Totally enclosed tubing push handle for ergonomic loading and moving.  Flat table with safety slide-off lip at front. Offered for all capacities of drums. The unit features solid stainless steel construction with a #220 grit finish (GMP).  Two fixed front wheels and two swivel, locking rear castors. Wheels feature non-marking materials, sealed bearings and stainless steel housings.

    Drum Wagon Drum Wagon (231 KB)

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  • Platform Trolley

    SCHNEIDER’s trolley systems in stainless steel or aluminum.  SCHNEIDER engineering develops the optimum product carrier and the perfect product acceptance, for the ideal sterilization process.

    • Mobile and space-saving
    • Usable across industries
    • Individually usable
    • Compliant with packaging standards
    • High safety of products
    • High durability
    • Light weight
    • Modular design enables easy adaptation to new requirements
    • Rust-free – in stainless steel and aluminum
    • Optional surface finish (electro polished/anodized)
    • Hygiene- and GMP-compliant
    • Dust- and bacteria-repellent
    • Easy to clean
    • Perfect handling
    • Stable design
    • High durability
    • Customized designs

    Schneider Catalog Schneider Catalog (526 KB)

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  • Single Drum Pallet

    A simple solution for a common problem. Designed for our stainless steel 100 - 260 litre drums (or any 22" diameter drum), the Schneider stainless steel pallet is a simple solution for processes that require moving of single drums around. Unlike our drum dollies the drum pallet keeps the drum safely in place while in use. The pallet requires our stainless steel pallet jack with 20.5" width (or any pallet jack with this width).

    The units are stackable when not in use and of course GMP in design. We produce the units in 304 or 316L stainless steel.

    Schneider Catalog Schneider Catalog (526 KB)

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