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    EPDM Compensators
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    • Andocksysteme produces a wide range of compensators in 70 shore, white FDA quality EPDM or Viton material. Each unit is...
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    Mating Flanges with Silicone Compensators

    The CO.RA MF Flange is a unique, sanitary alternative to using a Tri-Clamp connection. The MF Flange also fits all CO.RA valves with quick connection faces. The MF Flange is far easier to connect than a Tri-Clamp, especially for sizes larger than 6". For general powder applications there is NO need for a seal, as the special design seals without one. If some pressure is possible in the connection, or if CIP is used, we can supply an O-ring in the unit.

    There are two flange types as one has a step and one a groove. This design aids assembly and also seals better.

    The flanges are held together without tools, via the CO.RA clamp.

    The MF is supplied in AISI 316L stainless steel with an interior mirror polish and exterior satin finish.

    Model A B C
    MF-80 3.15" 6.29" 1.18"
    MF-100 3.94" 7.09" 1.18"
    MF-150 5.9" 9.05" 1.97"
    MF-200 7.87" 11.02" 1.18"
    MF-250 9.84" 12.99" 1.18"
    MF-300 11.81" 15.75" 1.18"
    MF-350 13.78" 17.72" 1.18"
    MF-400 15.59" 19.69" 1.18"
    MF-450 17.72" 21.65" 1.18"
    MF-525 20.67" 23.62" 1.18"

    Flange MF Clamp Flange MF Clamp (237 KB)

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    Flexible Pipes

    CO.RA produces flexible hosing in both Clear Silicone (pictured above) and Reinforced Clear Silicone.

    The CO.RA hose is an ideal, reusable method for connecting a powder transport (fall tube) to a machine below, such as a tablet press, vibrating equipment or misalignment equipment.

    The clear silicone tube is 0.051" thick and the reinforced tube us 0.09" thick. The tubes come in lengths ranging from 8" to 157".

    The following inside Diameters are available: 1.97", 2.36", 3.15", 3.93", 5.9", 7.87", 9.84" & 11.81".

    The material is conforming to FDA standards per CFR 177.2600, certification is available.

    Silicone Compensators Silicone Compensators (198 KB)

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    Tri-Clamp Flanges with Silicone Compensators

    For use with USA industry standard tri-clamps (TC), the TC connection is a quick-connect type flange that is produced by many vendors and is a standard piping connection in all sanitary manufacturing facilities. The TC type comes in several materials and many sizes to solve most applications:

    • Platinum cured Silicone Compensator, FDA/USDA Quality Materials, 316L Stainless Steel Flange
    • Anti-Static Silicone Compensator, FDA/USDA Quality Materials, 316L Stainless Steel Flange
    • PTFE (Teflon) lined compensator for applications requiring chemical resistance.  316L Stainless Steel Flange

    The Unique Design also features CO.RA's special Antistatic silicone exterior thus automatically grounding the connection from top to bottom without the use of grounding lugs/straps/clips. The material is also conforming to FDA standards per CFR 177.2600

    SIZE D D1 H
    1.5" 1.37" 1.98" 2.05"
    2" 1.87" 2.52" 2.05"
    2.5" 2.37" 3.05" 2.05"
    3" 2.85" 3.54" 2.05"
    4" 3.84" 4.68" 2.05"
    6" 5.87" 6.56" 2.05"
    8" 7.90" 8.57" 2.05"

    Compensators Compensators (198 KB)

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    EPDM Compensators

    Andocksysteme produces a wide range of compensators in 70 shore, white FDA quality EPDM or Viton material. Each unit is supplied with it's connection flange, which can be supplied with ANY flange or quick connection type, such as:

    • Tri-Clamp (Ansi, BS, ISO, Din & etc)
    • ANSI Flange 
    • CO.RA MF Flange 
    • Any size bolted flange

    Compensators and Bellows Compensators and Bellows (900 KB)

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