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Ribbon Paddle Blenders

  • Ribbon and Paddle Blender

    A&M Ribbon and Paddle Blenders are scientifically engineered, customized blenders, used for over 80 years for Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Plastics, and other industry processing. Each blender is customized to suit its intended application.

    The balanced ribbon design assures a constant and complete mixing action, while preventing product build up and minimal degradation. This positive mix action is based on multiple mixing of the feed product incorporating tumbling, shearing and horizontal displacement of every particle. The outer ribbons convey the material to the center or discharge point, while the inner ribbons move the material in the opposite direction for thorough end to end mixing.

    Paddle agitators are specially designed to lift, scoop, and tumble materials in a gentle, but thorough "figure 8" mixing action.  This agitator design is ideal for mixing fragile or abrasive ingredients, and for mixing solids or liquids of various particle size, share and density.

    Robust Construction:

    A & M Ribbon Blenders are available in batch working capacities from 1 cubic foot to 380 cubic feet for light, medium and heavy duty blending of powders, pastes, emulsions, and liquids. While A & M has specialized in the manufacture of sanitary stainless steel blenders, other materials of construction are also available including carbon steel, abrasion resistant steel, and other special nickel alloys.

    The "U" shaped blender shell is a one piece, all welded construction with radiused corners. Ribbon assembly is a three piece construction with bolted coupling flanges for ease of removal of the center ribbon section through the shell top. Agitators are supported on self-aligning, roller bearings in outboard, pillow block housings. Shafts are sealed with a robust stuffing box packing gland. The entire blender is supported on heavy, tubular legs with cross ties.

    Dependent on application and customer’s needs, selection of drive type, cover design, valve selection, etc. is customized for each individual blender. A diversified range of peripheral equipment can be incorporated into a complete system, including: filtered bag dump stations, sifters, lump breakers, feed and discharge conveyors, mezzanine platforms, weigh scale hoppers, etc.

    Sanitary Design:

    To meet today’s more stringent sanitary requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industry, close attention is given to ensure our equipment satisfies strict GMP standards. All interior welds are continuous, free from cracks and crevices, radiused (1/4" minimum), and ground smooth to a No. 4 (180 grit) finish. Agitators are one piece, solid round bar construction. Shaft seals are split design for ease of maintenance, are constructed entirely of stainless steel, and supplied with either FDA approved Teflon braided packing, or Pure PTFE Chevron seals. Equipment is fully passivated after fabrication. Material certifications supplied.


    • High Speed Chopper
    • Agitator Designs (Ribbon/Paddle/Double Ribbon, etc.)
    • Jacketed Systems
    • Automatic Lid systems and tipping blenders

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