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  • IBC Bin Blender - Laboratory

    IBC Bin Blender - Laboratory
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    • The Servolift desktop unit is a perfect machine to run small batches on. The unit is sized to place...
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    Fluid Bed Processor Mini-Lab

    Rapid and flexible processes are an important feature for product development in the laboratory. Mini-Lab XP is a highly flexible laboratory fluid bed plant to effect numerous processes quickly, comfortably and above all professionally. The device is designed for plug and play operation and offers all known possibilities of the fluid bed technology. The possible use of three different bowl sizes on one base covers a wide range of batch sizes from 200 g to 3.5 kg . This allows exact simulation of the process situation in production plants and provides the condition for exact scale-up. The bowls are either made of stainless steel or glass offering optimal inspection possibilities.

    Good handling of all plant components and easy accessibility for maintenance complete the design of this compact laboratory fluid bed plant. Various different granulating or coating processes can be realised by top spraying and bottom spraying . The machine is operated via a fully graphic touch panel at the front side. Of course the Mini-Lab XP laboratory fluid bed plant can be tested with individual products at our laboratory at any time. It is also possible to rent the machine for tests at customer site.

    Fluid Bed Mini-Lab / Midi-Lab Fluid Bed Mini-Lab / Midi-Lab (166 KB)

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    High Shear Granulator P 1 - 6

    The P 1 - 6 is a laboratory machine for mixing and granulating. The compact bench top version can be set up with minimum space requirements. The bowls are fixed to the basic machine using a simple bayonet system. Allowing them to be easily removed. The machine is operated via a multi function control unit which also provides the ability to modify the settings for simple automated mixing processes. A PC can be connected for reading the process data. Practical, user-friendly bench top version, easy to clean

    • Compact, comfortable and easy to operate,
    • Interchangeable bowls 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, & 6 litres,
    • PTFE shaft seal, can be dismantled without tools,
    • Transparent vessel lid made from glass or plastic,
    • Variable speed drives – the speed is adjusted to the relevant bowl size,
    • Bowls are optionally available with jacket and temperature measurement,
    • Extensive range of accessories,
    • Bowl changing without tools,
    • Current and power measurement for granulation end point detection with three measuring ranges.

    High Shear Granulators High Shear Granulators (538 KB)

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    IBC Bin Blender - Laboratory

    The Servolift desktop unit is a perfect machine to run small batches on. The unit is sized to place on a work desk or a small rolling cart.

    Servolift's Research and Pilot size IBC Blending Systems provide the correct tools to insure the scale up viability not only through pilot studies, but also to Full Scale Production.

    IBC Blending Systems Research and Pilot Size IBC Blending Systems Research and Pilot Size (1551 KB)

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