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Butterfly Valves

  • Butterfly Sole Valve

    Nearly 30 years ago Mr. Salvatore Lardieri, the owner of Co.Ra had a simple yet brilliant idea: A design for a very lightweight, ultra-clean butterfly valve that could be taken apart without tools. Before this moment all valves were heavy bolt together assemblies that could not be easily cleaned and inspected. Since this time Co.Ra has become the worldwide leader and innovator in sanitary valve designs and powder transfer technology.

    The butterfly sole valve has some key features that make it the valve of choice for the pharmaceutical and other clean industries:

    • Free floating disk design, no metal to metal contact,
    • Patented support system, wobble-free and robust,
    • 7 different body styles with over 30 standard actuation possibilities,
    • 316L, Hastellloy or FDA Delrin construction,
    • Certified high mirror finish, 0.02 µm,
    • Cleanroom produced, platinum cured silicon seals. Viton, EPDM and PTFE also standard.

    Butterfly Sole Valve Butterfly Sole Valve (1123 KB)

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