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Funnels and Flow Aids

  • Custom Drum Funnels

    We can provide a Servolift funnel for any type of drum: fiber, plastic or steel. They all feature our easy remove O-ring design and one-piece clamping ring system. There are also a wide variety of flow aids available that can be integrated into your custom funnel. Our engineers can help advise you on the best alternatives for your application.

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  • Drum Funnels and Hoppers

    Bolz produces both standard and custom funnels for their stainless steel drums or your existing plastic, fiber or steel drums.

    Bolz funnels feature seamless design with either 60° or 90° angles as standard or any other angle as your process requires.

    All funnels are available in 316L stainless steel (304 for our food customers) and feature our “easy-remove” O-Ring design in the connection to the drum.The O-ring comes standard in silicone to FDA CFR 177.2600.

    Finishing is supplied to any range, from mill finish to specified Ra values with profilometer proofing. We can also recommend a finish based on your application. Additionally, our factory specializes in electro-polishing, which they do in house.

    Funnels and Drums, combined with our handling systems, drum blenders, valves and dust free docking systems offers a complete and affordable drum handing system.

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  • Flow Aids

    Bolz, Servolift and CORA offer a wide arrangement of flow aids to keep difficult powders moving in your hoppers.


    We offer special designs for all hopper types in both impact and vibrating type mechanisms. We focus on easy to clean solutions (GMP) with robust mounts for long term use.

    • Drum Funnel Vibrators
    • Bin (IBC) vibrators
    • Hopper vibrators

    Vibrators can not only aid flow but are often used to help clean out the funnel/hopper after full discharging of the powder. In general terms, a vibrator should not be used full time during discharging of powders if particle segregation is a concern.

    Bridge Breakers:

    We offer both manual and powered bridge breakers, these are generally used for drum funnels or on our Universal Drum Clamping Lifters in Mobile or Stationary design. In all cases the system will disassemble without tools and not leak powder.

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  • Special Funnels

    Bolz specializes in producing custom shaped funnels using house designed funnel forming machinery that allows fast and efficient rolling of the oddest of shapes.  They are also known worldwide by their OEM work producing machine hoppers manufacturers of process and filling machinery for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Food industries.  In addition to this work, they also produce small funnels for any sanitary application you might have.

    As with all Bolz products, each unit is built to the highest pharmaceutical standards and finishing, yet reasonably priced due to their state-of-the-art manufacturing and finishing system.

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